Utility services in Dubai

Utility bills in Dubai include electricity, water, gas, garbage collection, property maintenance, TV and internet. To use these services in your new home in Dubai Marina, you need to connect to them and pay the necessary service fees. The amount of the monthly payment depends on the tariffs, metre costs, type and the area of housing.

How to connect electricity and water

To connect water and electricity, you need to contact the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). You can submit an application online or at one of their service centres. To do this, you will need:

  • a document confirming the right of ownership or a lease agreement for the property
  • a copy of the passport with the visa page
  • Emirates ID

Connection costs from AED 100 (USD 27) to AED 300 (USD 81), depending on the type of metre – large or small, and they differ in voltage, rated current and connection system. Large metres are installed in villas and townhouses, and small ones are installed in apartments.You also need to pay a service fee of AED 30 (USD 8) and a security deposit, which is refundable when you sell your home. The deposit is AED 2K (USD 544) for an apartment and AED 4K (USD 1.09K) for a villa. After paying all the setup expenses, the water and electricity will be connected within two working days.

Important! When you contact DEWA, you will receive a notification on your phone with your username and password to access your personal account on the site. It will also be possible to pay for services and keep track of bills using your login information.

The electricity bill includes payment for the air conditioning system — Free Chiller. Each apartment in a complex has a separate air conditioner, which is connected to the outdoor compressor unit on the roof of the building or elsewhere. This system applies to Dubai Marina, while in most areas of the emirate there is centralised air conditioning.

Additional services: gas, garbage collection and maintenance of the complex

Gas supply services and garbage collection in each complex/district are provided by private companies. To connect to these services, you need to find the service company, fill out an application to connect with them, and pay for the related services.

In Dubai, gas is rarely used, as most of the stoves in the emirate are electric. If your complex is connected to the central gas supply, then you can contact the main Dubai gas supplier - Emirates Gas, or a distribution company to connect.

From contacting the same companies, you can conclude a contract for connecting to a gas cylinder. In Dubai, this is allowed and monitored by regular equipment inspections. To connect to your home, the company will visit your home, install the cylinder and check the operation of the stove. The price of a gas cylinder ranges from AED 70 (USD 19) to AED 285 (USD 78) depending on the volume.

The cost of garbage collection depends on the company and ranges from AED 200 (USD 54) to AED 300 (USD 82). Waste disposal usually takes place three times a week.

Important! Throwing garbage in the wrong place is subject to a fine of AED 500 (USD 136).

Payment for the maintenance of real estate is made in advance once a year. This money goes towards the maintenance of the swimming pool, gym, playground and other amenities within the complex. The amount is calculated at a rate that ranges from AED 0.3 (USD 0.08) to AED 2.8 (USD 0.8) per sq. ft. For example, for the Marina Diamond 2 complex, the rate is AED 1.4 (USD 0.4). For apartments with an area of 807 sq. ft, the annual payment will be AED 1.1K (USD 300).

How much do utilities cost in Dubai?

The monthly payment for utilities depends on the metre indicators and the number of additional services used. The cost of garbage collection depends on the tariff that is set for your complex. For gas cylinders, you need to pay upon consumption. Internet and TV are paid according to the tariff plan, and water and electricity are calculated according to the metres depending on the tariff.

The price of water is not taken into account per litre or cubic metre, but per imperial gallon (IGal) — 1.2 US Gal or 4.55 litres. On average, one person per month uses about 660 gallons or 3 m³ per month. If you have your own pool and garden, then the water consumption will be greater.

Water tariffs in September 2023 are as follows:

The price of electricity is calculated per 1 kWh. On average, one person per month uses about 1,000 kWh, taking into account the cost of air conditioning.

In 2023, electricity tariffs are as follows:

How to calculate and where to pay utility bills

To calculate utilities, you need to multiply the consumption of metres by the corresponding tariffs, add fuel surcharge, and then add VAT.Let's say you live in a one-bedroom apartment with an area of 807 sq. ft in one of the Dubai Marina complexes. In the hotter months, you use 5 m³ of water and 1,300 kWh of electricity for two people. At the same time, 50% of electricity goes to the operation of the air conditioner, which works on average 12 hours a day, and the remaining 50% to the operation of the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, gadgets, etc.In this case, there are no payments that depend on the area of housing. The average bill, excluding the cost of maintaining the property, will be as follows:

  • water — AED 47 (USD 13)
  • electricity — AED 396 (USD 108)
  • garbage collection — AED 200 (USD 54)
  • gas cylinder, if necessary, AED 70 (USD 19)

Total: from AED 643 (USD 175) to AED 713 (USD 194).

Important! You can set up an auto payment, in which payment for utilities will be automatically debited from your bank account on a monthly basis.

Another monthly payment that must be taken into account is TV and internet. These prices range from AED 270 (USD 74) to AED 900 (USD 245).Utilities can be paid in cash, by credit card, by cheque or through an electronic wallet. You can connect auto payment through your bank so every month the required amount will be debited from your account.

Important! To pay bills in cash, you can contact the bank and the DEWA service centre.

You can also pay through:

  1. DEWA mobile app. In addition to paying in the application, you can keep track of your bills. The app is available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery.
  2. The official website of DEWA. Here you will have access to your personal account, tariff calculator and all or any changes.
  3. EasyPay app. Through this application, you can pay for several services at once. All your invoices for the last 12 months are displayed here.
  4. The MPay app. Here you can pay not only for utilities, but also for other public services, such as: payment of Salik fees, Etisalat fees, fines for traffic violations etc.
  5. Etisalat public payment machines, Emirates post offices, EPPCO and ENOC service stations.

If you are late in paying for water and electricity, DEWA will send you three reminders by email or SMS. After 14 days, the water and electricity will be turned off, and the company will write off the required amount from your deposit. To reconnect them, you will need to pay for the connection again and make another deposit.


The connection of utilities in Dubai takes from anywhere from one day to one week. For example, water and electricity will be connected within two days, whilst TV and internet connection may take 2-3 days. Connection requests can be left online or at the service centres. You can pay your bills in any convenient way for you; through the application, bank, payment machines, etc.

The average utility bill in Dubai Marina for a one-bedroom apartment of 807 sq. ft, including internet and TV, will be AED 1.1K (USD 300) per month. The less water and electricity you consume, the lower the bill will be. Every year, AED 14,300 will be spent on utilities along with the payment for the maintenance of real estate. (USD 3.9K).

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