Areas in Dubai that will have the most economical rental rates in 2023

Areas in Dubai that will have the most economical rental rates in 2023

Properties and areas in Dubai with the most comfortable rental fees, with a minimum price of AED 19,000 (USD 5,000).

Over the past year, the emirate has recorded an increase in the cost of renting a home. However, some areas continue to have reasonable rental rates. Relatively low rental prices and high popularity in the housing market are the main reasons for their popularity in Dubai.

In Dubai 2022, the maximum price for renting an apartment was AED 90,000 (USD 24,500), and the cost of renting a villa exceeded AED 268,000 (USD 73,000), with the same changes taking place in 2023.
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Published January 26, 2023

Areas in Dubai with the most comfortable prices

The main reason that leads to the growth of the Dubai rental market is the huge number of foreign citizens migrating to this emirate. The flow of people who come to Dubai for work and business is growing daily, and the result of this is the demand for rental property and accordingly, the change in rent. But in spite of everything, it is possible to find suitable areas with a fairly low annual rental cost.

The first place in the ranking of areas with the most comfortable cost of renting real estate in Dubai is occupied by International City. Here you can find a property to rent from AED 19,000 (USD 5,000) up to AED 55,000 (USD 15,000) per year.
Next on the list is Dubai Silicon Oasis. The price for renting a studio starts from AED 25,000 (USD 6,800) to AED 52,000 (USD 14,200), and renting a one-bedroom apartment costs from AED 32,000 (USD 8,700) to AED 68,000 (USD 18,500).

Another area is Bur Dubai. This area also has fairly budget friendly rental options, including a studio from AED 20,000 (USD 5,400) to AED 60,000 (USD 16,300) and a one-bedroom property ranging anywhere from AED 36,000 (USD 9,800) to AED 130,000 (USD 35,400).

For those looking for affordable property, Discovery Gardens and Sports City are also excellent options, with average rental prices for studios and one-bedroom apartments ranging from AED 26,000 (USD 7,000) to AED 80,000 (USD 21,800) and AED 30,000 (USD 8,200) to AED 60,000 (USD 16,000).
There are several options for those wishing to rent a villa. Deira is considered to be the most affordable at AED 114,000 (USD 31,000) per annum, followed by Jumeirah Village Triangle at AED 149,600 (USD 40,700). The next place in the list is Jumeirah Village Circle, with the annual rental rate at AED 156,000 (USD 42,000).

Last on the list of the most economical areas for renting villas in the emirate is Reem, as the average rental value per year is AED 157,000 (USD 43,000).

In 2023 the situation will be the same as 2022, with tenants paying extra attention to prolong contracts rather than making new ones. But even in areas that are more accessible due to increased demand, price increases will be inevitable.