How to Pay for Utilities in Dubai

To use the utility services in rented or owned property in Dubai Marina, they need to be connected and regularly paid for. The amount depends on the rates of the servicing company, metre readings, area, and the type of property. For UAE residents, there are many convenient ways to pay for utilities, but for non-residents, this list is significantly smaller.

What are the payment methods for utilities?

Trash collection, TV/internet, and gas are paid to the companies that serve your complex/community, and water and electricity are metered and paid to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). You can pay your bills through: mobile applications, e-wallets, payment kiosks, by mail, at a bank, DEWA service centres, or on their website.

Mobile Applications

There are several multilingual online applications that can be used to pay your bills. One of them is DEWA Smart, which is suitable for paying water and electricity bills. Here you can view your monthly payments and track your usage and expenses. There are also mobile applications like Empay Smart and Dubai Now, where you can pay for utility services, government services, Dubai Economic fees, and more.

Payment through the applications can be made using:

  • UAE bank credit/debit card
  • Visa and Mastercard from foreign banks
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Noqodi Net Banking
  • Noqodi e-wallet

Important! You can download the applications from the App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery.

DEWA Website and Customer Service Centre

When you subscribe to these services, you will receive a DEWA ID, which you can use to log in to your personal account on the official website of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. You can also use your Emirates ID to login.

To pay bills through the website, only UAE bank cards are accepted. Cards from foreign banks are not accepted. The website has a limit of AED 200K (USD 54K), which can be paid at once.

Payments are also accepted at one of the DEWA customer service centres. The nearest centre to Dubai Marina is located in the Jumeirah area on El Mizan Street, 6. Here you can pay with a UAE bank card or in cash.

EasyPay payment system

EasyPay was recently developed by DEWA. After setting it up, you can instantly pay multiple bills at once, such as for water, electricity, electric vehicle charging, and other services.

To start using this payment system, you need to log into the DEWA website, go to EasyPay, and get your number. Now you can enter this number into the Dubai Now, Empay Smart app and quickly make payments using your card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Noqodi wallet.


Utility bills can be paid through partner banks. Emirates NBD accepts payments from its own customers and customers of other banks in the UAE. All other banks in Dubai accept utility payments only from the owners of their accounts. Payment through a bank can be made in four ways:

  • at the bank counter designated for utility bill payments
  • at ATMs
  • you can set up an automatic monthly deduction from your bank account
  • through mobile banking, which is available to every bank account holder in the UAE

Other methods

It might be more convenient to pay for your utility bills when refuelling your car or at EPPCO and ENOC service stations. All petrol stations accept cash payments here.

There are payment kiosks by Etisalat in almost every shopping centre, bus stop, and waterfronts, where you can pay for internet, water, electricity, and more. In both cases, only cash is accepted.

You can pay for water and electricity by mail by sending a bank cheque to the DEWA address - PO Box 564, Dubai. Payments by card and cash are also accepted at Emirates post offices. A commission of AED 2 (USD 0.6) is charged.

Important! If you miss a payment for water and electricity, DEWA will send you three reminders by email or SMS. After 14 days, the services will be disconnected, and the necessary amount will be deducted from your deposit. To reconnect them, you will need to pay for reconnection and make a deposit again.

How to pay for utilities if you don't have a card or Emirates ID

If you haven't become a resident of the UAE and haven't received a debit card from one of the local banks, paying for utilities is a bit more difficult. Payment for bills in the Emirates can only be made in dirhams.

Non-residents can pay for utilities by:

1. Using Visa and Mastercard cards from foreign banks. Currency conversion will occur during the payment. Russian cards of this type do not work in Dubai. If you have a UnionPay card issued in Russia, this will be suitable.
2. You can stop at an EPPCO/ENOC gas station or service station, or use an Etisalat payment machine. Here, all available services, including the DEWA refundable deposit, can be paid in cash.
3. Visit any Emirates post office or a DEWA customer service centre, where cash payments are also accepted.
4. Use Al Ansari money transfers. This is a popular platform in the UAE that works online and offline. To use it, you need to install the Al Ansari Exchange mobile application. Or you can visit one of the branches in the emirate. There are three of them in Dubai Marina, one of which is located near Dubai Marina Mall.


Each payment method has its own advantages. Through mobile applications, it is convenient to pay at any time of the day without needing to leave home. In addition to utilities, you can pay for traffic fines, fees, and government services using this method. You can also pay for utilities when returning from work and stopping at an EPPCO/ENOC station. Etisalat payment machines are located everywhere, so you can pay for services in a supermarket or a shopping centre. Every individual can choose the option that is most convenient for them.

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