How to rent a yacht in Dubai and How much it costs

Dubai Marina is considered one of the best places to rent a yacht in Dubai, as it is the starting point for most sightseeing and charter routes. The cost of renting a yacht will depend on the size of the yacht, duration of the trip, goals, and additional services.

Which yacht to choose

Yachts can be categorised as either sailing or motorised. Motor yachts are considered the optimal option for leisure and cruising trips, while sailing yachts are more suitable for sport racing.

Important! The size of the yacht is measured in feet. They range from 25 to 130 feet. The largest superyacht in the world reaches 580 feet.

If you are planning a 5-hour sea excursion with your family where you want to swim, have lunch, and enjoy the views of Dubai, a small yacht up to 30 feet in size would be suitable. They are not intended for long journeys. Such vessels usually have only one small cabin.

For a party of 5-10 people, it is better to choose a yacht ranging from 30 to 56 feet in size. These boats are equipped with 2-3 cabins, a comfortable salon, a kitchen, a toilet, and have plenty of indoor light thanks to the large number of windows. They may have a swimming pool, a play area, a bar, fishing equipment, or a host of other additions.

Yachts ranging from 56 to 70 feet in size offer increased comfort and can be viewed as a type of "floating villa" where you can stay for a long time. Vessels over 70 feet belong to the VIP class and are called superyachts.

Important! In Dubai, the most popular yacht rental option is daily rental. In professional terms, a rental for leisure or tourism lasting more than a day is called a charter.

If you are planning to celebrate a birthday on a yacht with your family or friends, you can avail catering services, hire a chef, or bring your own drinks and food. As entertainment, you can also arrange diving, flyboarding, fishing, and more.

How much it costs to rent a yacht in Dubai

During the peak season from December to March, yacht rental prices are the highest. Discounts are available during the off-season, along with interesting packages of additional services, such as half-priced fishing and complimentary fruit and desserts. The rental cost includes expenses for fuel, mooring fees, crew gratuities, and refreshments.

The rental price for a small yacht up to 30 feet starts from AED 300 (USD 82) per hour. A yacht that can accommodate ten people and ranges from 30 to 56 feet costs between AED 700 (USD 190) and AED 1,200 (USD 327) per hour. For example, a 50-foot yacht with four cabins and a crew of three people costs around AED 16K (USD 4.5K) per day during the peak season, and around AED 9K (USD 2.5K) during the off-season. A luxurious 114-foot yacht, accommodating 20 people with five cabins, a jacuzzi, a bar, and a sunbathing area, costs AED 180K (USD 49K). The price increases if you order additional services.

Important! If you have a skipper licence and a yacht licence, you can charter a yacht, complete the necessary paperwork, and embark on a self-guided trip as the captain.

How and where to rent a yacht

In Dubai, all yacht companies have licences, experienced crews, bespoke itineraries, and packages available with additional services. Before booking a yacht charter, it is better to clarify the following with a company representative:

  • The crew has undergone standard training and holds STCW certification;
  • The yacht is fully owned by the company (to avoid any disputes with third parties);
  • The vessel is insured and you are protected from any damages.

Important! STCW is a document that confirms the completion of special safety training on board a ship according to the International Convention on Standards for Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW-78)

You can rent a yacht in person, over the phone, or online. After agreeing on the route, yacht size, additional services, crew size, and rental date, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit. Confirmation of the number of guests and payment of the remaining balance must be done the day before. Cash and non-cash payments are accepted.

There are more than 30 specialised companies where you can rent a yacht, and most are located in Dubai Marina. Here are some of them.

Important! To avoid any issues and ensure everyone is allowed on the yacht, ask your guests to bring their ID in case age verification is required.

Xclusive Yachts

Location: Retail Unit 3, Marina Level, Al Majara Tower, Al Hubob Street, Dubai Marina
Booking contacts: +97144327233
Hours of operation: daily from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM

The company offers affordable options for 3-hour cruises as well as exclusive premium-class yachts. With over 15 years of experience in the yacht service industry, their crews hold STCW certifications and have extensive boat handling experience.
At Xclusive Yachts, you can book a sunset cruise, a romantic dinner, a sports fishing trip, a birthday party, or a charter for a superyacht. The company provides refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks, and fruit is also served.  You can hire a chef and plan the menu in advance. Among the unique services they offer are organising celebratory welcomes and red carpet events.
An hourly evening cruise with a guide on a luxury yacht costs AED 210 (USD 57). Yacht charters start from AED 500 (USD 136) per hour. If you book a yacht for two days, the price will be approximately AED 24K (USD 6.5K). The price increases with the level of the yacht.

Xtreme Yacht

Location: Vida Residences Dubai Marina
Booking contacts: +971551074818
Hours of operation: Sat-Thu 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

You can book one of their luxurious yachts for a customised trip around Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island, and Palm Jumeirah. The duration of the trip can range from two to six hours. For a getaway far from Dubai's shores with your friends, you can book a charter for a superyacht.

The company organises themed parties, proposals, and weddings. Xtreme Yacht collaborates with you to arrange the music, food, and drinks to create a special atmosphere. For romantic dinners, live flowers, chocolates, and exquisite dishes are often requested.

Rental costs start from AED 900 (USD 254) per hour. For those who love active recreation, services such as wakeboarding and jet skiing are available at AED 700 (USD 190) per hour.

Sky Marine Yachts

Location: Gate U, Dubai Marina Walk, Al Marsa Street
Booking contacts: +971507573245
Hours of operation: 24/7

Here you can book a several hour cruise. Family getaways for a few hours, yacht charters, and organising themed events or birthdays are available. Renting a yacht for the day will cost a minimum of AED 17K (USD 4.6K).

Important! When making a reservation, it is best to inquire about the cancellation policy in the event your plans change last minute or the weather turns bad.

During the 3-hour trip, a 90-minute tea party is arranged with a buffet featuring desserts, pastries, and canapés. This takes place on a 36-foot yacht that can accommodate up to 10 people. The price for three hours is AED 2.1K (USD 571).

At Sky Marine Yachts, you can book a 4-hour fishing trip with all the equipment and gear provided. A chef will prepare and grill your catch, so you can have dinner right away. Additionally, you can have a go at various water sports such as flyboarding, kitesurfing, or parasailing.

Smoking is prohibited while on the yacht. If you are hosting a party with friends, you can bring alcohol, but it's better not to overdo it. In Dubai,a coast guard patrols the waters, and if you are visibly intoxicated or engaging in inappropriate behaviour, you may be fined.

If you have a family vacation planned with children, all minors must be under the supervision of adults. Only children aged one year and older are allowed on board. When renting a yacht for a day or more, it is recommended that you start the trip early in the morning so have the opportunity to swim while avoiding the midday heat.

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