Inexpensive furniture stores in Dubai

There are stores in Dubai where you can buy furniture at a bargain, get discounts of up to 90% and take advantage of promotions. These stores have delivery, assembly and interior design services. You can place an order in person or online and it can be received within 1-2 days.

The lowest furniture prices in Dubai

Developers sell real estate fully or partially furnished, with the kitchen equipped with furniture and appliances, and the bathrooms fitted with plumbing fixtures. Many people prefer to decorate their house how they like it, so they choose the second option. To do this yourself, you will need to buy a living room set, a bedroom set, home textiles, and kitchen utensils before moving in.

As of September 2023, the lowest furniture prices are within the following ranges:

  • TV stand AED 400 (USD 108) – AED 2K (USD 545)
  • Dining table and chairs (6 people) AED 1.5K (USD 408) – AED 2K (USD 545)
  • Living room set (3 pieces) AED 4K (USD 1.1K) – AED 8K (USD 2.2K)
  • Coffee table AED 200 (USD 55) – AED 1K (USD 273)
  • Bookshelf AED 200 (USD 55) – AED 1K (USD 273)
  • Children's bedroom set AED 1.2K (USD 327) – AED 3K (USD 817)
  • Bedroom set (King-sized bed) AED 2K (USD 545) – AED 4K (USD 1.1K)

Important! If you buy furniture at the lowest prices shown here on our list, you can fully furnish a studio or a one-bedroom apartment for only AED 10K (USD 2.8K).

Home Box

Additional services: delivery, pickup, assembly, order tracking
Categories of goods: upholstered and cabinet furniture, home goods
Address and operating hours: Dubai Marina, El Marsa Street, 7/3A, Mon. – Fri. from 9:00 to 18:00
Contact: +971 4 5172300,

An in-house chain of stores that is found in all the emirates. It is considered the Middle East's IKEA, where you can buy furniture for the whole house, textiles, kitchenware and accessories. Here, you will find a collection in every style, from minimalist to classic. You can shop on the official website or at the store in Dubai Marina.

Every week, there are discounts on certain categories of furniture, and there is a reward system where you can exchange points for your favourite product. You can pay for your purchase by card, cash or gift card. You can even make purchases on credit.

Delivery and furniture assembly can be arranged: this can be done immediately upon purchase, according to the store's delivery schedule or at some point in the future at your convenience. If you are planning to move into your new home in the next few days, you can order express delivery for AED 150 (USD 41). For purchases of AED 500 (USD 136) or more, delivery is free. Large-sized furniture will be delivered free of charge, provided that it cost more than AED 1.5K (USD 409). Furniture assembly must be arranged ahead of time and depends on the amount of work involved.

Pan Home

Additional services: delivery, pickup, assembly, design
Categories of goods: upholstered and cabinet furniture, office furniture, home furnishings
Address and operating hours: Deira, Beirut Street 148, Sun. – Wed. from 10:00 to 22:00, Sat. from 10:00 to 00:00
Contact: +971 4 2558567,

The universal store for affordable furniture, Pan Home, which was formerly known as Pan Emirates, offers a range of options. You can choose from ready-made collections or order furniture with exclusive designs or custom sizes. The store also sells textiles, tableware, accessories, lighting fixtures, and floor coverings. You can purchase all of these items both in person and online.

If you want to consult with a designer, this service will cost AED 1K (USD 273). When you make a purchase totaling AED 20K (USD 5.4K) or more, you will receive the interior design project for free.

Every week, there are special offers with discounts from 50% to 90% off in the store, and there is a loyalty program with bonuses. You can pay by card, check, cash, points or in instalments.

Your order will be delivered within two days of making the payment. Delivery, furniture setup, and assembly are all free of charge.


Additional services: delivery, assembly, installation, design, measurements, sewing
Categories of goods: upholstered and cabinet furniture, garden furniture, home goods
Address and operating hours: Dubai Festival City, Crescent Drive Street, 9C, daily from 10:00 to 00:00
Contact: +971 4 2037555,

The only IKEA store in Dubai is located in the Dubai Festival City Mall. The store offers a wide range of ready-to-assemble and upholstered furniture, outdoor furniture, hardware, accessories, tableware, textiles, rugs, and more. You can make purchases in-store or through the official website.

There is a flexible discount system in place for the most popular items. They also offer a bonus system and instalment payment options.

If you need a custom-sized sofa for your living room or built-in furniture for your wardrobe, the store provides an individual measurement service. Calling a specialist to your home for measurements costs AED 150 (USD 41). The same specialist can also measure windows for custom-made curtains. The cost of interior design services depends on the complexity of the project.

Delivery and furniture assembly are not included in the purchase and come at an additional cost. If you place an online order, delivery starts at AED 19 (USD 5), while in-store purchases have a starting delivery fee of AED 75 (USD 21). Express delivery within 24 hours starts at AED 350 (USD 95). Furniture assembly will cost you a minimum of AED 120 (USD 33). Installing blinds, curtain rods, and lighting fixtures is priced at AED 60 (USD 16) per unit.

The One

Additional services: delivery, assembly, design
Categories of goods: upholstered and cabinet furniture, home goods
Address and operating hours: Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed road, Al Barsha 1 1/4, Mon. – Sun. from 10:00 to 21:00
Contact: +971 600 541007,

The One is considered to be one of the most popular stores for affordable furniture in Dubai. Here, you can find high-quality and stylish furniture from young designers at low prices. In addition to furniture, they also sell bedding, accessories, lighting fixtures and much more. You can make purchases both online and in person.

The store has an interior designer with 15 years of experience who can help you visually expand rooms using lighting, arrange the furniture in a way that increases functionality in your home, and more. The cost of this service depends on the complexity of the project.

The One regularly offers special discounts on various categories of products. They also offer instalment payment options.

Delivery is free if the purchase amount is over AED 1K (USD 272). If the amount is less, the cost for delivery is AED 100 (USD 27). If your purchase is delivered but you are not home to accept it, an additional fee of AED 100 (USD 27) will apply. Assembling most furniture is free, however, there is a charge of AED 100 (USD 27) for assembling a bed or sofa.

United Furniture

Additional services: delivery, assembly, measurements, repair, design
Categories of goods: upholstered and cabinet furniture, furniture for garden, office furniture, home goods
Address and operating hours: Sheikh Zayed Street, Al-Quoz 1, Wed. – Thurs. from 09:30 to 22:00, Fri. – Sat. from 09:30 to 23:00
Contact: +971 (0)4 338 9690,

This store has its own manufacturing facility where you can order custom-made furniture, crafted from natural wood. Additionally, they offer furniture repair services and can replace worn upholstery on sofas. United Furniture offers a wide range of ready-made collections, including office and garden furniture, rugs and decor items. Purchases can only be made in the store, but you can visit the official website to learn about their terms and see their collections.

Their prices are affordable, and they often have promotional offers. If you have a fixed budget, a designer can help you put together the right furniture set within that amount. Payment can be made in instalments, with cash or by card.

You will need to inquire about the cost of taking measurements or furniture assembly with the specialists in the store. The delivery fee depends on the distance and the purchase amount.


Each of these stores has its own advantages. Pan Home offers free delivery and furniture setup, but they don't provide individual furniture measurements. United Furniture accepts custom sofa orders, but may not have significant discounts. IKEA offers a wide selection of goods, but all services come at an additional cost. The one you choose will depend on your specific needs, criteria and budget.

These stores have everything you need to fully furnish an apartment and create a cosy home. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from AED 15K (USD 4.1K) to AED 20K (USD 5.4K) on furnishing a one-bedroom apartment.

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