The Top Position In Global Citizenship Ranking Is Occupied By Dubai

The emirate of Dubai leads in the global citizenship ranking against the background of an increasing popularity for the UAE Golden Visa, which has been secured by over 150,000 people. Dubai has retained its top spot as the top hub for residence and citizenship by investment (RCBI) for the second year.

As stated by the report, in 2022, the UAE has taken the first place amongst 35 international RCBI specialists, compared to 30 during the previous year. Due to the recent reduction of the minimum investment required, the nation will be able to maintain its growth and access being opened up to talents across different industries. In addition, Dubai leads the rankings of the 25 cities of predicted growth in property prices in 2023.

The benefits of the UAE Golden Visa are applicable to the holder's immediate family members. Now children can be sponsored by a visa holder until they’re 25 years old, increasing from the previous rule of 18 years old. Unmarried daughters can be sponsored without any age restrictions. Children of determination are granted a residence permit, regardless of their age.

The residency programme of the UAE Golden Visa, which allows expats and investors to live, study and work in the state without the need for a national sponsor, and with the possibility of 100% ownership of their business on the UAE's mainland, was first implemented in 2019.

According to the new regulations, holders of a 10-year Golden Visa will be exceptional talents, outstanding students and graduates, investors, scientists and professionals, as well as entrepreneurs who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Due to the expansion of the residency programme, more specialists and highly skilled workers with professional experience in all disciplines, as well as educational qualifications are able to obtain a Golden Visa. This applies to those working in sciences and engineering, information technology, business and administration, education, law, medicine, culture and social sciences.

Several attractive factors including world-class infrastructure, favourable government policies promoting trade and investment, a strategic geographic location, as well as a business-friendly environment, help the UAE to maintain its position as the best RCBI hub in the world. The country was also recognised as the first-ranked passport across the globe.

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