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How will exhibition impact the UAE economy

Published 01.06.2021

Post-EXPO 2020 - How will exhibition impact the UAE economy

Expo 2020 is one of the most awaited events postponed due to coronavirus and realscheduled to 1 October 2021. The Expo 2020 site will take place in Expo 2020 District, which is located in Dubai South. The district has a convenient location close to Al Maktoum International Airport (25 minutes' drive).
Over 25 million visitors are expected to come, and 70% of them are foreigners from all around the world. The exhibition will last six months and contribute about AED 122.6 billion to the country's economy and provide 50,000 jobs for people.

Postponement of the Exhibition

Expo 2020 will begin in October 2021 and coronavirus is still around. However, Dubai has lighter restrictions compared to some other countries. Officials decided to reschedule the exhibition because of the pandemic and used this time to build a larger platform to attract more foreigners, and businesses to participate.

Dubai Exhibition Center will serve as a central exhibition site, which after the renovation became a state-of-the-art, multifunctional complex. The total floor area of the center is over 484,000 sq. ft and it is divided into two complexes, North (183,000 sq. ft) and South (301,000 sq. ft). Together the two complexes comprises 24 meeting rooms, 14 multi-purpose halls and catering zones. DEC is located in Expo 2020 District with a total area of 1,062 acres, of which almost 500 acres is the gated Expo site. The rest of the area is used for residential and hospitality zones.

No matter how good the coronavirus situation may be, it is important to follow safety rules. The Expo 2020 team took the following precautionary measures:

1. Provided more restrooms with sanitizers.
2. Put special marks on the ground so the visitors can keep the social distance.
3. Made food areas with enough sitting space.
4. Hired additional personnel who can tell the guests about the safety rules, answer their questions and give proper instructions.
All guests must wear safety masks and keep the social distance. The postponement meant a lot to everyone, both to organizations, and to the people who participate in the exhibition. The good outcome is that everyone has much more time to prepare and make the exhibition even better.

How will Expo 2020 Impact Dubai's Economy?

The Expo organizers and Dubai's government are mostly looking for what the exhibition will bring to the economy after it is over. First of all, it is a great opportunity for the country to attract new investors and to see what participants have to offer – many projects that will be presented there could become a whole new business later. Secondly, it is a great opportunity for Dubai to expand its tourism sector and make more people see what a great place for vacation it is. This directly affects the country's economy. Investors, tourists, talented people – all of them can bring a lot of money and help Dubai to grow even more. Among other things, the following changes are expected to come:
– Increase in life happiness level. The government makes everything possible to support the status of Dubai as the happiest city in the world. That is why they created the Happiness Index, that helps them to show and sustain the level of joy of Dubai's citizens.

– Inflow of investments. Displaying the best innovations and creations of the developers will attract more investors. It helps to move the economic basis from the oil industry to more scientific sectors.
Thus, Expo 2020 can serve as a turning point for future Dubai's economy development.

Activities to Do in Expo 2020

What to do in Expo 2020? The more time flies by, the greater the Expo becomes – and in such a place as Dubai it is extremely interesting to see what it has to offer. And there is a lot of things to do:
Architecture – there are several main things you can see that are dedicated to architecture. There are tours where you can see what people have brought to the exhibition, to different pavilions, buildings and see modern designs and ideas concerning architecture. You can also take a look at the whole Expo site from the observation tower and see the projection on the ceiling in the Al Wasl dome.
Art and science – when it comes to crafts, there are so many things to see – from opera to design discoveries. You can find anything that is anyhow connected to arts. However, the most interesting thing we found is visual arts – it will be an actual journey throughout the exhibition. Science is all about innovations and virtuality. Technologists from all over the world are presented there, and it is fair to mention that the part of scientific discoveries in the sphere of sustainability and ecology is the most worrying question these days.
Business experience – Expo is a great place for entrepreneurs to hone their skills and improve their businesses. There are many meetings, events, and prospects, where people can meet each other, make new contacts and find possible future colleagues in the industry. It is the ultimate place to meet new partners from all over the world.
To take part in these events will be a great memory, whether you came to the exhibition just for business or tourism. Anyone will find there something fascinating to do.





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