Expo 2020 Continues to Attract increasing Numbers of Visitors as well as Foreign Investors

The World Expo 2020 Dubai has revealed to have recorded more than 3M visitors since its opening, and 14.8M virtual visits to the global event. It is also worth noting that a large number of these visitors were school children, which amounted to over 100K.

Since the opening, guests have already been able to attend exciting and informative events, including national days of participating countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Poland. In addition, Dubai hosted its own Flag Day celebration on November 3, and the Diwali Fire Festival which was held at Expo 2020, attracted the largest number of visitors so far.

Expo 2020 continues to attract not only foreign tourists but also investors of real estate in the emirate, which only contributes to the volume of incoming investment. The 3-day Coming of Age exhibition held at the Dubai Expo Hall also contributed to this to some extent.

In the overall sales ranking, projects from developers such as Emaar Properties (24.7%) and DAMAC Properties (8.7%) remain the leaders in the real estate market.About 24,000 units have already been completed in Dubai to date, and about 13,000 more units are expected to be delivered by the end of this year, with a record 37,000 residential properties in Dubai over the past decade. In residential real estate, Dubai's largest and most well-established developers continue to offer high-quality assets in the best locations in the emirate, meeting the increased demand from both local buyers and foreign investors.

For example, a new development was recently unveiled by Emaar Properties in the Emaar Beachfront area, called the Beach Mansion. According to the master plan of the developer, the elite complex will consist of two buildings with 20 and 37 floors and will offer the public the possibility of buying luxury apartments with 1-4 bedrooms and spacious 4 bedroom penthouses, as well as penthouse duplexes, among which some units will consist of only two units per floor.

In general, most of the projects in Emaar Beachfront have already managed to win over the hearts and wallets of investors, with elegantly designed luxury residences, some of which were developed in collaboration with international designers. And the Beach Mansion project is no exception, offering an exceptional lifestyle on the Persian Gulf, next to a one-of-a-kind beautifully landscaped park, where you can enjoy recreation without going too far from your home.

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