New Zero-Energy project in Dubai by an Italian Architecture company

The new project "Vertical City" was first presented in 2019 in Dubai and is planned to be implemented by 2030. The developers of the Italian architecture company, Luca Curci Architects, have created a new zero-energy building - a floating "Vertical City". The budget for this megaproject has not yet been revealed, but it is already clear that the new creation will become part of other famous landmark buildings in Dubai.

The "Vertical City" is presented with an open plan and is located inside the water space, away from the environment. Thanks to open structure and landscaping on every level, the building is provided with natural light and airing. When creating the project, the developers were guided by the idea of a healthy lifestyle for the residents within the complex. The facade of the building will be covered with a special glass that produces energy, which provides for the needs of the building and the mainland.
Openings are provided around the entire perimeter of the building for good air circulation and natural light, and there are areas with green spaces on all floors.

This new project is 750 meters high and consists of 10 modules and 180 floors. The building, which will have an area of 200,000 sq. m, accommodates 25,000 people and is landscaped with 20,000 sq. m of gardens and green spaces. Every typical modular layer has a diameter of 155 meters and a height of 72 meters. The project includes various real estate objects, including apartments, duplexes and villas, as well as shops, office spaces and others.

The underwater floors of the tower contain parking, technical rooms, gyms, spas and meditation centers. This part will also include a hotel area, from which there is a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the underwater world.

Earth, air, water - will be the three modes available in which residents and visitors will be able to travel by to reach the complex.

In the basement of the building there are three sea entrances, as well as external and internal docks. Smaller boats will be able to access the inside, while larger boats will be able to moor outside.
A semi-flooded bridge will be installed through which you can reach the mainland on foot or by car.
In the garden, located on the roof of the building, platforms for air transport will be designed.

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